Adam is a great trainer - he has solid training and experience and is consistent and dependable in making sure you achieve your fitness goals. I started training with Adam postpartum and he was awesome in helping me with my diastases as well as helped me get to a level of fitness and endurance that I hadn’t had in a long time. He has an easy demeanor and gives you the best movie synopsis to help take your mind off the plank position or the wall squat you are holding! I highly recommend him for personal training.
— Sharon Jayakumar
Adam meets you where you are and then pushes you to do more because he knows you can. Adam understood that I wasn’t a body builder but needed to work on strength, core, balance and bone health. I was my best self when we worked together.
— Nicole W.
I have been working with Adam for the past 10 months and have seen a dramatic improvement in my overall fitness and conditioning; working with him helped me run a breakout half marathon this past November, and recently he has helped guide me through an active recovery from a knee injury. Adam is very professional, highly knowledgeable and experienced in personal training- he keeps workouts interesting with the right amount of variety, challenge, encouragement and light conversation. My workout motivation and consistency have never been higher.
— Mike Romankiewicz
Adam Tischler is an excellent trainer. When I was working out with him, I lost 60 pounds and felt great! Every workout was different, never boring. Additionally, he was a great conversationalist which made the workouts so much better!
— Colleen Wyse
Adam knows his stuff. He is always my go to with fitness and workout questions and has designed programs for me on multiple occasions (different workout objectives). I’d recommend him to anyone who takes exercise seriously and wants to gain some discipline and focus.
— Jeff Levi
A month before a planned wilderness camping and canoeing trip, I panicked and realized I needed a lot of help. Adam not only got me in decent shape but became my twice-weekly trainer for the next 4 years until he moved away. I am forever grateful.
— -PJM
I tried to ignore a shoulder injury from a fall on the ice but Adam wouldn’t let me. I had a frozen shoulder and underwent 6 months of physical therapy. Adam was always one step ahead of the therapists and helped me heal faster and better.
— Phyllis M.
Adam helped me do a 180 with my fitness level. When I started seeing him I was postpartum and had diastases, back, and hip pain, and wanted to get back to running. He came up with a program that helped me reach all of my goals and feel awesome. I recommend Adam to anyone who wants to get stronger, fitter, and feel great!
— Jessica Gilbert
I have arthritis in my knee and need to strengthen my legs to manage the chronic pain. Adam helps me do that in a safe and fun way. Working out with Adam is a no brainer investment in my health. I’ll never train with anyone else.
— Catherine K.