Holiday Crunch Time

The weeks between thanksgiving and new years are full of friends, family, and parties. This can be a real problem for those who are trying to lose or maintain weight. Now is the perfect time to pre plan your meals ahead of time and track what you eat with online food diaries. It will help keep you more accountable at those gatherings and allow you to budget your calorie intake knowing you’ll likely go overboard.

Happy Holidays

Home cardio machines

I get asked by a lot of people what machine should I get to do cardio at home? What works best?

The answer is really simple. Get the one that you have the best chance of using the most frequently. If you like biking in the summer try a bike. If you like doing spin classes get a spin bike. If running hurts your knees and you don’t like biking try an elliptical. The machine choice doesn’t matter. What matters is you getting on it consistently. The effectiveness relies on usage and intensity.

Here We Go!